Thursday, August 12, 2010

Park City Fun!

We had so much funon our week long vacay to Park City! We did lots of swimming, shopping and relaxing. We really enjoyed the Bees game on the 24th, and the fireworks made it super fun. We love to go to Park City and had a great time. Thanks to Nana and Papa for a great family vacay! Blake Taren and Tanner Loving the fireworks at the Bees game
Jared and I!

a ADawson enjoying the view from our condo.

Dawson and Nana loving the pool!

Jared and Scotty look super hot! LOL

Papa and Nana chillin!

Dawson trying to play pingpong with Daddy and Blake.

Newby and Scotty!

Blake spent most of the vacay in the pool!

Nana making sure she didn't get a sunburn!

Dawson and Papa!


Dawson watching and loving the fireworks!

Daddy can't take his eyes off the show!


So cute!

Dawson loves baseball!


Cute Papa!

Taren and her BF Tanner

All of us at the Bees game!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Blog

So I have started a new blog. Just posting some pictures that I have taken. If you want to follow the blog!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun at the Lake!

So it has been a long time since I have updated our blog! Sorry! It has been a fun and crazy summer! We went to Grassy Lake with Jared's family up Joes Valley this weekend and it was so much fun. I posted some cute pics of the fam enjoying it all!

This is Parker fishing like a pro!
Such a beautiful view! We were so high, and the drive was a little scary!

Dawson trying to give Momma a drink of his water!

Eli and Eric stabbed a dead fish! They had more fun with this than anything!

Here are Parker, Eric, Eli and Ivy running around with the dead fish!
Aunt Jess taking Dawson on the 4-wheeler! He loved it!
Such a cute little family!
Jess and her four kids loving all of it!
Us again! We are so glad to have such a fun and outgoing family! Love you guys!